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How to connect

Please follow instructions in the Microsoft documentation: Endpoints for the APIs for Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises and Online. In the cloud it is always enabled.

An on-premise installation has to be set up to allow connections.

  • Business Central 14.0:
    1. Open the service settings and set Enable API Servicies in tab OData Servicies.
    2. Restart the service

Base url



Environment is the name of the environment in the Business Central Admin panel. Typically, it is Production.


http[s]://{server}:{port}/{instance}/api/{API version}



The version of the API should be in the end of the path, so for Pimics metadata the URL is:




Cloud use OAuth2.0, so you need to get the access token first. The description is in the Microsoft documentation.


Usually you have these possibilities:

  • Use NavUserPassword and follow Microsoft's instructions.
    1. Set NavUserPassword on the service
    2. Restart the service
    3. Go to Business Central and search for Users and open the list
    4. On the user Card set up Web Service Access Key
  • Use Windows authentication on the service. In that case you need to follow these settings:
    1. Open the service settings and set Use NTLM authentication in tab General.
    2. Restart the service
    3. Use NTLM authentication with the domain user and password.
  • Use AccessControlService and follow Microsoft's instructions.

Postman Example

Windows authentication


Reading published data



Available serviceses:

Modify data in Pimics

External Digital Asset Management

Custom API

It is possible to expose every page or codeunit as a web service. For this topic follow instructions in How publish web service.

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