How to work with items

How to work with items

Pimics works with the standard Business Central Items. In the next version we will add a support of Non-Stock Items (it's alse called Catalog Item) . Pimics doesn't have any additional table for items which you want to offer in your channels. The base Items and Non-stock items are extended by additional fields and related tables.

All the processes which is mentioned in the Microsoft documentation will work also in Pimics. These processess can be extended by us and also we created a new processes to be able to manage complex product data.

To create a new item or a new non-stock item follow Microsoft documentation.

Create a new item

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The easiest way how to create or manage items is to switch to Edit List (under action group Manage) or open items in the Excel by Edit in Excel (under action group Page).

Manage product data


Title: How to work with items , Author: Pimics Team