Sana Commerce Setup

Before you will be able to set up the connection you need to have an Pimics add-on for Sana Commerce. Please ask us on how to get the extension.

Right now, the integration is released under Beta (Public preview) version.

Setup in Business Central

  1. Go to Web Servicies
  2. Create a new line and set:
    • set Object Type to Codeunit
    • set Object Id to 70113807. The name of the object is PIMX SC Web Service
    • set Service Name to PimicsSC
    • set it Published

Integration use a basic authentication. So go to Users and generate Web Service Access Key. More details can be found in TODO.

Setup in Pimics

The integration follow the idea of the publications. So data are synchronize from the publications, and the publication needs to be set it correctly. More details about Publications.

Enable Application Area

  1. Go to Catalog Setup
  2. Enable Sana Commerce in group Application Area
    • If you don't see the Sana Commerce, you need to first enable Beta Preview in the same group and log out and log in.
  3. Close the page.

Set up the publication

We offer a rapid start package for the default setup for the Sana. Please ask us at The important part is to have correctly defined Export Channel and Extenral Code in the publication.

External Code has to be name of the web shop in the Sana.

Export Channel has to have Sana Commerce in Publication Type. Read more about channels.

We also recommend setting the publication to be updated on the background. Read more about job queues for publications.

Setup in Sana Commerce

The integration is delivered as a add-on package. Please, follow the instructions of Sana to get the add-on installed.

After the installation of the add-on, you can set the connection.

  1. Go to Add-ons in Sana Commerce
  2. Open a configuration of Pimics add-on
  3. Web Service URL (Business Central) is a link to web service of Pimics Codeunit.
    • cloud:{tenantId}/{enviromentName}/ODataV4/PimicsSC_Service?company={companyName}
    • on-premise: https://{address}:{port}/{instance}/ODataV4/PimicsSC_Service?company={companyName}&tenant={tenant}

      company and tenant have not required it depends on your configuration.

  4. User (Business Central) and Password (Business Central) are login information from the Business Central. See enable user.
  5. Tenant Guid is used for the SharePoint integrations. Specify the tenant of your SharePoint (on-line).
  6. Client Id (SharePoint) and Client Secret (SharePoint) are login information for getting files. See more in enable SharePoint integration.

Addtional Info

All the communication between Sana and Pimics is tracked and saved in Pimics Activity Log.

Title: Sana Commerce Setup, Author: Pimics Team