Sana Commerce

Pimics offer an integration with Sana Commerce. Using this integration you cano manage product data in Pimics and synchronize these rich data with Sana.

Current supported version of Sana is Sana Commerce Cloud 10.0

How it works

Every request to ERP is extended by a call to Pimics to extend the ERP data with PIM data.


To allow this integration, you need to have the Pimics add-on in Sana Commerce and Pimics in your Business Central.


The ERP contains only transaction data and data required for Saleing and processing items.

PIM contains rich product data that can be used to present products on e-commerce. With Pimics you will manage all data in your Business Central, and you won't upload pictures, change texts, etc. in Sana anymore. Pimics brings you a tool to do all the tasks effectively.

Start with Pimics and Sana Commerce

When you have Sana Commerce Cloud and Business Central 365 the easiest way to start is download Pimics from App Source. After that you will be able to configure Pimics using Assisted Setup.

When you have Pimics and you're interested in integreted e-commerce solution, take a look on Sana Commerce. Or even ask us on to get a demo of Sana Commerce.

After you have Business Central, Pimics and Sana Commerce. You should follow these tasks:

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