What is chatbot?

Chatbot is a standalone application, installated independently and integrated into the website. This application accesses data from Pimics through an open interface. It helps searching correct answers based on the questions of the website visitor.

Who is a user of Chatbot?

Main user of chatbot application is a company that wants to use Chatbot application on their website as a help for customers.

How can you set up chatbot in Pimics?

If you want to use data from Pimics in Chatbot, go to AI Document Setup (Pimics AI/AI Document Setup) and set for field Chatbot value Generate JavaScript.

How can you set up chatbot on your website?

Place a part of the JavaScript generated by Pimics function called Setup JavaScript into your website place.

How this will look like on your website?

After customer access your website, a chat window will opened asking if he has any questions. Customer can write common formulation related to searched product.

Title: Chatbot, Author: Pimics Team