Feature values suggestion

The functionality suggests Feature Values with a probability calculated based on the occurrence of these values either in standard item group or in the whole structure. This part of the extension extends the standard functionality, which offers you to create features and manually set values for items or categories. More about how to create feature and add feature to items or groups, you can find on Features.

Before you start to use main functionality Values Suggestion you have to make these steps:

  • Create feature and assign values on the Feature card.
  • Create Item Group and Items for which you want to use this functionality.
  • Add created feature to Item Group and Items.

These steps you can make by Pimics (base extension).

How to work with Feature values suggestion

  1. Go to the Items (Product Information/Items).
  2. Choose Item, for which you want to set features.
  3. Click on PIM and choose Features on the ribbon.
  4. If you don't have assigned features to this item, click on the New button and add features.
  5. If you want to see suggested values:
    • for one feature, mark this feature (line) and click on the Process, choose Values Suggestion on the ribbon,
    • for all features, mark the last empty line (under the last feature), then click on the Process, and choose Values Suggestion on the ribbon.
  6. Choose the value that you want to assign by checking the Assign checkbox.


Features with an assigned value have the Assigned flag checked and the value highlighted.

  1. By checking the selected value in the Assign column disappears the other values of the same feature and the selected value is highlighted. Unchecking the Assign value again displays all suggested values for that feature.
  2. After closing the window with the proposed feature values, the values checked in the Assign column are written to the list of item features.
Title: Feature values suggestion, Author: Pimics Team