Picture assignment

Main part of the functionality, which Pimics AI Extension offers, is assignment of pictures to the existing structure, items or groups. Preconditions for this part are to set relevant keywords for imported pictures and have already pictures with generated keywords in the structure. First precondition, set relevant keywords for imported pictures, is important because based on the relevant keywords is created suggestion of picture assignment. How to set keywords for imported pictures as relevant is described on Keywords recognition.

Suggest Picture Assignments

By running the Suggest Picture Assignments function, the system suggests an assignment to the Item / Groups structure in the Source and Code columns according to the match of the relevant keywords. For correct creating suggestions, there have to exist pictures with keywords that are assigned to the entity (Item/Item Group/Product Group/Chapter/Catalog Group).

This use case describes how to work with Suggest Picture Assignments functionality

  1. Go to the AI Catalog Suggestion page (Pimics AI/AI Catalog Suggestion).
  2. By Suggest Picture Assignments button, you can see proposed assignments of pictures to items or categories.
  3. Click on the Edit list button to open the list in the editable form.
  4. Click on the Assign checkbox for pictures, which you want to assign based on the proposal.
  5. You can also change the item/group in proposal manually.
  6. Click on Confirm Picture Assignments button on ribbon, if you want to confirm marked lines.
Title: Picture assignment, Author: Pimics Team