Picture recognition

The application with the support of artificial intelligence speeds up the picture management, their assignment to products, classification and completion of metadata. Picture recognition is a first part of picture management with using artificial intelligence.

Parameters settings

Before you start using this extension and import pictures into Pimics, you need to set up parameters. More about parameters you find on What should be done first. For the picture recognition, three mandatory fields are important:

  • Subscription Key and Endpoint for access to Azure API. Without these two fields, your artificial intelligence and the whole extension won't work.
  • Keyword Numbers to define which number series should be used for keywords created by AI. You can use different number series for keywords created by picture recognition and for your common keywords, which you will use for export to e-commerce or printed catalog.

Import pictures

Importing pictures or other types of documents is a standard functionality Pimics (see more Extensions and modules). Pimics offers you more ways how import pictures. If you want to import more pictures, the easiest option is Upload Document Worksheet (Worksheets/Upload Document Worksheet or Digital Assets/Upload Documents Worksheet). You can learn more about import documents on Import.

Once your documents are already imported, then you have to assign these manually to items or groups in your structure by using Assign action or directly on the item card or group card. The artificial intelligance helps you with this process by creating keywords for all uploaded pictures and then assigns them to items or groups based on the existing pictures in the structure and keywords created for them.

Keywords recognition

The whole process of picture management with using artificial inteligance is devided into small parts. During the import, the process of keyword recognition is performed. The result of the whole process is available on AI Picture List (Pimics AI/AI Picture List). This page is list of imported pictures, which is extended by important informations and functionality as:

  1. Keywords Used flag, indicating whether keywords are available or not.
  2. Recognize Picture is functionality, by which you can invoke the picture recognition process for pictures that you have already imported before you started using Pimics AI Extension. This process is usually done during the import and the keywords are generated in this step.
  3. AI Picture Keywords is used for displaying keywords generated during the import process.


AI Picture Keywords offers for every picture more than one keyword and you are able to define if this keyword is relevant for you or not by using action Mark/Unmark Relevant Keyword. By assigning the keyword as relevant, you are defining that the keyword should be used for the next step, Picture assignment.

Title: Picture recognition, Author: Pimics Team