BMECat in Pimics

BMECat has not been released for Dynamics 365 Business Central running as a service (SaaS). It is available just for on-premise installations.

What is BMECat?

BMECat is an XML file with a defined structure. Companies use it for exchange of product data, it contains base data (like prices, descriptions), logistic data (like EANs, GTINs, information about packages), and also data which can be used for your channels or internal processes (like features, synonyms - in Pimics called keywords, pictures). All this data can be imported into Business Central and/or Pimics.

BMECat has a lot of implementation for different industries, so in the end also the structure of the file can be a little bit different per industry or supplier. In Pimics there are also implemented some of these specific versions.

The current standard and most used version is BMECat 2005 and all the modifications are derivated from this version usually. Pimics can import version BMECat 2005.

Import of BMECat without PIM

We support scenarios where a company needs to keep its purchase processes under control or process it effectively. It means that we are able to offer BMECat without PIM. In this scenario, you will transfer data to standard Business Central tables and use only data that is relevant to BMECat (like prices, descriptions).

Common tasks:

Best practices


BMECat is usually used together with standard classifications like ETIM, eCl@ss, Proficl@ss, etc. It is necessary to have the right classification in the system before you import or export the data.


As it is written above. BMECat has a standardized data format, but it allows to have custom sections, it is called User Defined Extensions. We are working on these extensions. Contact us when you need to know more about the support of the format.

Title: BMECat in Pimics, Author: Martin Opršal