New Feature

New Feature

A feature is a basic attribute of a product item. The feature means feature name and feature value. A product can be defined by an unlimited number of features which can be inherited in the product hierarchy. Features can be accumulated into groups. Pimics enables to manage features directly on the Item Card. Displaying of product features is user-friendly and easy to use. Features can have predefined set of values from which can be selected for an individual item. For example, the product feature – colour - can have values: red, green and black. Values can be imported from defined standards or entered by the user and marked as internal.

To create a new Feature

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Features (Classification/Features), and then choose the related link.
  2. Click New to create new feature.
  3. On the General FastTab, fill in the fields as necessary:
    1. Press Enter to generate new Feature ID from the default No. Series or type in unique ID manually.
    2. In the Description field, enter the name of the new feature (e.g. “Color”).
    3. Fill in the Abbreviation field.
    4. In the field Unit ID, select the unit by which the feature value can be measured (e.g. Inch, Kg, mm etc.). Unit Shorthand will be added automatically. If there are no Units, create a new one (see more New Catalog Unit).
    5. In the field Field Type/Field Format, select the one of the following types/formats:
      • Numeric
      • Alphanumeric
      • Logical
      • Range
    6. System status shows the state of completeness based on the data quality check. See more system status.
    7. The field Search Feature ID is filled automatically.
  4. On the Values FastTab, define the list of values which specify values that could be assigned to the feature.
    1. Click on to the new line to create new value for this feature (e.g. “Black”, “Red”, “Yellow”).
    2. In the Value ID field, select a value or create a new.
    3. The field Description is filled automatically.
  5. On the Translations FastTab, set up the translations for the Feature (see more Translations).
  6. On the Allocations FastTab, you can add more information about the Feature.

Note: You can also define the feature which has not any option. In this case, you should not create and assign the values.

Add Feature to an Entity (Item/ Item group/ Product group/Chapter/Catalog Group/Class)

The features are the characteristics of the entities. The feature can be added to an Item/Item group/Product Group/Class and so on. Entities can be sorted, ordered and otherwise manipulated based on the features.

To add feature to an Entity

  1. Open list of entity to which you want to add the Feature (Product Information/ Item or Item group or Product Group or Chapter or Catalogue Group).
  2. Open the Card of entity to which you want to add the Feature.
  3. Click on PIM Ribbon Tab and then choose Features.
  4. Click New to create a new line.
  5. Select the Group System Number from the list, or create a new one.
  6. In the Line Type field, select Feature.
  7. In the field Number, select the Feature from the list.
  8. If the Feature uses values, you can specify which values are available for the Item:
    1. Click on the arrow in Values field and a new window is opened.
    2. In the field Value Allowed, you can specify if the values could be selected as the value of the feature (List must be in Edit List mode) for this Item.
    3. Click OK to save settings (If you do any changes, fields Values and Possible Values has been changed).
  9. If the feature uses values you can select Value from the list. If the feature does not use values, type in the field Value specific text or number.
  10. The Unit shorthand field is filled automatically based on the Feature.

Note: The entity can inherit the features from the mother´s entity. So for example, you can define the features for the Item group and item inherits those features from the Item group (including values if needed). You should use this functionality when the items have the same features. For example, you have the item group called T-shirt with the features Color (red, blue, white,..), Size (S,M,L,XL,..), Long sleeve (yes/no). You can assign all T-shirt items to this Item group and then specify the feature values for each Item separately.

Title: New Feature , Author: Pimics Team