How to work with classification


Standard Classification

Classification is a set of groups or better to say, classes. These classes contain the base characteristics of one type of product. Usually, it contains features with predefined values and keywords.

Why to use a classification? It is a way how to describe your products in the standard way. It means the way that also your partners (customers or vendors) will understand and it will be easy to share product data with you. The classification is a language of your communication with partners and it doesn't matter if you're from different countries with a different language. If you want to know more see our blog about classifications

Usually, we install a classification as a RapidStart package or we have our custom import of it. if you need to work with classification please ask us how to install it.

What is the best classification is a quite complex question. But at least here is a list of them.


ETIM classification is mainly for these industries:

  • Electrical
  • HVAC

About supported languages please see ETIM site.


eCl@ss is a more complex classification, it contains classes from most of the industries. What can be used depends on a license. it means you need to buy a license to be able to use it.

About supported languages please see eCl@ss site.


It should be possible to use another classification. Because the content of the classification is stored as data. Please, ask us for more details.

How to assign an item to ETIM 7.0 class

This is an example of using ETIM 7.0, the same process can be used also for other versions and classifications.


Before you can use this process you need to install ETIM 7.0 classification

  1. Choose the search icon, enter Items, and then choose the related link.
  2. Select an item or [create a new one].
  3. Choose Classes action in the PIM group.
  4. In the blabla page set value ETIM7 in field Group System Number.

    ETIM7 is our default value it can be different in your system.

  5. On the same page select a class in Number.
  6. Choose OK to close the page.
  7. Choose Features action in the PIM group.
  8. In the Features page you see all features from the class.
  9. Select one line fill up a value in field Value manually or use a lookup page.
  10. Choose OK to close the page.
  11. Choose Keywords action in the PIM group.
  12. In the Keywords page you can see all synonyms from the class.
  13. You can deactivate it by fill up value in Usage Type.
  14. Chose OK to close the page.

ETIM features, keywords are similar features (keywords) as your internal features. You can use all the possibilities of [Mass Mutation] and [Inheritance].

Custom or internal Classification

Even if you don't want to or you can't use a standard classification. You can build up your classification. It helps you to keep the consistency of your features and keywords in the case that you have similar products in different categories and inheritance can't be used. Read more about custom Classification

Typical user processes:

Title: How to work with classification, Author: Martin Opršal