Check the quality of data and assign tasks

Certification of data

Certification of data should be included in your processes, to have it under control and prevent future mistakes. Usually, the certification of data occurs when task on a product is finished. By certification, you can create tasks for other people in a team and make a step in the workflow to have well-defined data.

System status

The field System Status on several pages helps to indicate the completeness of data and its connection to quality management and checklist. Furthermore, based on the field System Status, the user can filter data for the publication.

System Status and the quality check

The user can define own checklists, which are the set of conditions that entities have to fulfill to pass the data quality check. Once the entities have assigned checklists, the field System Status shows the current state of data.

Data flow and available options

Usually System Status has these options:

  • New – the entity was created, no checklist assigned.
  • Under Development or Process - the checklist has been assigned to the entity and the entity has not been checked via the function Certify, or the entity did not pass the rules defined in the checklist. In that case, see Certification Log on the checked entity.
  • Certified – the entity has passed the quality check defined in the certified checklist
  • Archive – the entity in the structure will not be used anymore and has been archived. This option is available in entities where it makes sense.

For more information about checklists and their use, see Checklist.

Certify an item

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Items (Product Information/Items), and then choose the related link.
  2. Choose Item Card and open it.
  3. On the Pimics - General FastTab, specify a checklist number in field Checklist Number.
  4. Select Certify in Related under Quality Management.
  5. The field System Status shows the current state of the data.
  6. If System Status is not Certified, you can see output from the certification in Certification Log in Related under Quality Management.

Output of certification

The output from the certification process is a list of tasks. These tasks can be generally assigned to a user or a user group.

See my tasks

  1. In Pimics role center, select Certification Log under Quality Managemet.
  2. Select action Show My Outstanding Entries to see your tasks.
  3. See the importance of the task in Notification Type and description of the issue in Long Text.
  4. Select a line and action Card.
  5. It opens a card with the details and you can fix the issue.

Publication and following processes

The state of the data has an impact on the following processes. Usually, the state plays an importnat role in generating publication. Based on your processes you can define how and to which channels it will be necessary to have certified data. Usually, when you prepare a brochure with a hundred of pages, it takes a couple of weeks to prepare it, even if you define a custom template. In this case, you can also send raw data to your graphic team that is able to make templates. On the opposite site, you want to publish to your e-shop just approved data.

System Status and Publication

The user can define if the publication should include only entities that pass the quality check and have System Status = Certified, or the publication can include all data.

This control can be activated/deactivated on the publication group via the checkbox Insert Only Certified. For more information about the publication and the publication groups see also:

Title: Check the quality of data and assign tasks, Author: Martin Opršal