Automatic data control

Automatic data control

You can easily avoid errors and incomplete information using Pimics and the possibility to set up control rules. Before publishing new or modified data, the system will review all products and categories. It will alert you to errors and shortcomings in time and you get space for correction. Quality and complete product data will be your competitive advantage.

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Control rules

In Pimics, the user can prepare rules for checking the entered data. The rules determine the individual fields of products and categories and how they are filled. Such rule can be, for example, checking the filled output, input, and luminance of all bulbs. Once a rule is assigned, Pimics can check the completeness and correctness of the defined fields. Pimics notifies users of errors and shortcomings and suggests editing options in the log. The status of the controlled object is dependent of the control status. With a flawless check, Pimics changes the status to Certified. Pimics can limit the further use of objects to only certified objects.

Typical processes for this module are:

Title: Automatic data control , Author: Pimics Team