DataNorm import

In Pimics, you can easily import product data from DataNorm files. During the import typically you need to have these settings or you can create it during the import:

  1. Partner

Import data from a file

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Import from DataNorm file, and then choose the related link.

  2. On the first screen

    1. Select your local DataNorm files in the File column of the Add Files table. The files will be uploaded to the server. The files can be any valid DataNorm file with item data, prices and texts.
    2. Click on Next to go to the second screen.
  3. On the second screen

    1. The name of the first file is used as Description but can be changed to a short description of the imported data.
    2. In the Reference Type field, select on of the following:
      • Vendor if the supplier is an existing vendor in the system. Select the vendor in Reference No. field.
      • Partner if the supplier is already in the system. Select the partner in Reference No. field.
      • Create New Partner if it is a file from a new supplier. The new partner will be created and later you can specify its details.
    3. The Mapping Code can be ignored and may be used in future releases.
    4. Click on Next to go to the third screen.
  4. On the final page

    1. In the Process File field select one of the following:
      • No if you want to start the import later on.
      • Yes if you want to start the import immediately.
      • On background if you want to start the import immediately and continue with other work in the system. The import will be scheduled and run in the background.
    2. Click on Finish to create the import, and also the partner, if selected, and run the import.
  5. After the data processing finishes you can find the created import in Imports and all items in Vendor Items -->

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Title: DataNorm import, Author: Pimics Team