How to import files

Use FactBox on List or Cards

When you want to import a picture or document to one item or category. You can open the list or card of the item/category and use FactBox to upload new document or update existing one.

  1. Search for Items and select the relevant link
    • or you can use Item Groups, Product Groups, Chapters, or Catalog Groups
  2. On the FactBox area find part Preview or Update
    • Click into the area of factbox and select one or more files
    • Or Drag&Drop one or more files into the area of FactBox
  3. After the files have been imported, you can find the details in Pictures, Documents, Graphics or Media in PIM or Digital Asset & Texts action groups in menu.
  4. Open the card page from the list
  5. Select the main picture in field Picture Document ID. This field is usually set during the first import automatically.

use Upload Document page

  1. Search for Upload Document Worksheet and select the relevant link
  2. Drag&Drop files into Upload New Files
  3. After upload finish you see documents in the bottom group
  4. To assign pictures or documents to items or categories, select the lines in the bottom group
  5. Select Assign to Entity from Assign group in menu
  6. Select one or more lines on the page
  7. Select OK to assign all selected documents to all selected items or groups
  8. If you need to define more date for a document select Card from Process group in menu
  9. Repeat steps from point 2 until you import all files

use integration with SharePoint

See more in Integration with SharePoint

Title: How to import files, Author: Pimics Team