Digital Assets

Digital files

Product data commonly contains media files, such as photos, videos, or audio. In Pimics you assign them to a corresponding product, create descriptions, keywords or classification for them, same as for the products themselves. Pimics publishes media files in sale or e-commerce channel of your choice.


Pimics works with various types of documents, pictures, technical drawings, symbols of dangerous substances and graphics. Pimics recognizes any type of digital file (pdf, jpg, mp4, bmp, …). Documents extend product information and the user can continue to work with them: insert into catalogue, print, publish to e-Shop channels. Like product data, files can be expanded with keywords, features and especially text. You can import an unlimited number of digital files to all tree levels. Pimics supports connecting digital files by referring to another server. Innovation to Pimics is working with audio and video files.

Create Document

Before you add any digital asset to the entities, you must create it, by uploading it to the system.

  • Documents Directory and Temporary Directory in Document Setup has been set up
  • Document type for documents should exist (see more Document Type)

To create a new Document

  1. Open the Document/Picture/Media/Graphic list (Digital Asset).
  2. Click on New and then on Create Document on the Ribbon Tab.
  3. In the Document type field, select the type of the document.
  4. In the Source File field, choose a file you want to upload.
  5. The fields Document Class and Description will be filled automatically, but you can rename the file, if you wish.
  6. On the Detail FastTab, you can fill more information about the document.
  7. Click on Create Document button on the Ribbon Tab. By clicking on this button, the source file will be copied to a location specified in the setup.

Drop Document

If you want to upload the document you can do it by drag and drop into card of entity. The document will be created as a new one in document list and assigned to entity. The process is same for Pictures, Media and Graphics.

To upload the document by drag and drop

  1. Open the entity Card that you want to attach the uploaded document to.
  2. Find the Preview or Update FactBox (if not displayed, use Customize this page and choose FactBox – Preview or Update).
  3. Use the drag and drop function or click to select files.

Replace Document

If you want to replace the document you can upload new one into card of the original document. The document will be replaced but the name and linking of this document will be retained. So only the content of the document will be changed. The process is the same for Pictures, Media and Graphics.

Digital Asset (Document/Picture/Media/Graphics) must exist (see more Create New Document)

To replace a document

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Documents (Digital Assets /Documents), and then choose the related link.
  2. Open Document Card, which you want to replace.
  3. Go to FactBox Upload Document.
  4. Drag file or click to select the file.
  5. Document is replaced.

Download the Digital Asset

If you want to download document, picture, media or graphics use the Open button.

Digital Asset must exist (see more Create New Document)

To download Documents, Pictures, Media and Graphic

  1. Open the list of Digital Asset (Digital Assets/Picture or Document or Media, or Graphic)
  2. Open the Card of Asset which you want to download
  3. On the Actions on Ribbon Tab and select the Open.
Title: Digital Assets, Author: Martin Opršal