Feature Worksheet

This article helps you with using Feature Worksheet.

A feature is an attribute represented by a name and a value. See more How to create a new feature

Feature Worksheet is a list that shows all existing relations between features and items, products, or groups.

When and why to use it

You look for the Feature Worksheet when

  1. You want to edit feature values in one place
    • Without opening many cards, you can filter on existing lines and quickly change feature values. You can also create new relations or delete those relations which are not relevant anymore.
  2. You plan to import and edit features using Edit in Excel
    • If you are familiar with editing data using Edit in Excel, you can open this worksheet in Excel, make relations between items (groups) and features, fill values and import it back to Business Central

How to open Feature Worksheet

  1. Go to navigation and expand Worksheets
  2. Open Feature Worksheets

If you already have existing relations between features and your items or groups, you will see a similar view as in the following picture. feature-worksheet-demo

How to create a new relation between the item (or group) and features

Let's assume you already have a feature and you want to assign it to your item.

  1. Open Feature Worksheets
  2. Click on action New
  3. Select Source (Item/Item Group/etc.)
  4. Set Code
  5. Set the feature using fields
    • Number - select existing feature ID, or
    • Description - fill up the feature description, and the system will automatically assign an existing feature ID or create a new feature
  6. Set a value in the field Value

That's it.

Field Group System Number is predefined to use internal classification. If you use ETIM or eCl@ss, you can change Group System Number to the code of your classification, and the field Number will offer you features within this classification.

How to edit existing relation between item (or group) and features

On existing relations, you can modify values or usage type code.

  1. Open Feature Worksheets
  2. Click on Edit List. The list is opened again with editable mode.
  3. Click into field Value on the line you would like to edit
  4. Type a new value/use assist edit and select from a defined list of values
  5. Set a usage type code (if needed)

How to delete existing relations

  1. Open Feature Worksheet
  2. Select lines you want to delete
  3. Use Delete button

Actions Line Card and Reference Card

In the action bar, you can find the following actions

  • Line Card opens a feature card for a feature set in the field Number. On the card, you can edit feature descriptions or units.
  • Reference Card opens item or group card based on the combination of values in fields Source and Code
Title: Feature Worksheet, Author: Pimics Team