Group Structure Worksheet

Group structure worksheet was created to provide users with an easy way to quickly create a structure. The user can also see a structure of other users. This document can help you use all the possible functions provided by Group Structure Worksheet.

How to create a structure by using Group structure worksheet

After you choose Search icon and enter Group Structure Worksheet (or use Worksheets/Group Structure Worksheet), you will see you space for creating new structure. Ribbon Tab contains all possible functions, which can be used for creating, as:

  • New for creating new line
  • Delete for deleting existing line
  • Edit List to open worksheet in the editable form
  • Structure for all possibilities how to define a structure
  • Add for adding existing objects into the structure.

Creating a whole structure is devided to few steps

  1. Create a new line
    It is possible to create a new line just by description, which should be used for the category or item. This should be the exact descriptions, which you want to use for new lines.
  2. Define a level of lines in structure
    • For defining to which level will be the line assigned, you should use Indent. The highest level is used for Catalog Group, so it is not necessarry to indent this category. The lower category is chapter and you should use function Increase Indent to define that this line will be chapter. The lower category is product group and you should use function Increase Indent two times to define that this line will be Product group. The Indent is higher with lower level.
    • To change possition in the structure, you can use funtions Move Up and Move Down to move line, which you have currently marked.
    • To add line in the middle of lines, which you have already created it is possible to use function Insert Line Above. This function will create a new line above the line, which you have currently marked.
  3. Generation of types and number series
    • At the moment when you have alredy created a structure as you wish, first of all you should use Calculate Group Types. Based on the indent, which you have defined in the previous step, the specific type of category or item will be assigned to all lines in the structure. You should also define the lowest level, when you are not creating the whole structure, for example when you want to create by this way only the highest three levels. You will see the result in the Type field. It is possible to change the Type field manually.
    • When you have already assigned types of categories and items, the next step should be creating cards for all lines. These particular cards will be available in the Product Information. For this step you should use function Write. By this step, a number (code) will be assigned to all lines from number serie, but there is also possibility to define the number manually in the Code field.
  4. Add (existing object)
    If you want to use in the structure also existing objects, there is also available function Add. You can choose if you want to add some category or item. The line will be added under the line you have currently marked. You can also add existing objects before step 3.
  5. Clean
    When you want to throw away the structure that you have already created or the structure was already written, you can easily remove all structure by Clean function and start to define a new one.

State of the lines

All lines have assigned state, in which they are. There are three possible states:

  • Temp, the line is new and doesn’t have yet assigned type or code.
  • Exists, the line is existing object. The line was either added by funtion Add or this line has already assigned type and the Write function was used.
  • Fixed, when you manually set the type for the line.
Title: Group Structure Worksheet, Author: Pimics Team