What is new in Pimics 3.0

New features

New implementation of publications (beta)

This is the first step of redesign publications. We need to be able to adapt Pimics to different sales or marketing channels. Of course every channel has different needs and these needs to be somehow reflected in publications.

To turn on and use this feature

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Catalog Setup and then choose the related link.
  2. Switch the check-box Publication 3.0 (Beta) to yes in group Application Area
  3. Re-login to the Business Central
  4. Choose the Search icon, enter PIMX Publication Channel List and then choose the related link.
  5. Create a new entry or open a card of a existing.
  6. Select type of publication in field Publication Type
    • version 2.0 is the default value and it is used when this feature is not turned on.
    • No Details just hold informations about hte structure of the publication
    • Multilanguage Print is a settings when you want to prepare a publication for a multilanguage brochure.

This is only preview, we should be informed when and how you want to use it. Any kind of function can be changed when we move it from the preview.

New functions

Templates in publications

Typicaly publications are created periodically when you want to export data from Pimics. It is time consuming to create all the settings again and again, so you are able to define templates with all necessary settings and when a new publication is created you are ask to select a template.

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Templates and then choose the related link.
  2. Select New from Actions - New Document
  3. Define field Code and Description
  4. Specify 70114100 in field Table ID
  5. In Lines create a new line
    1. Specify field Field Name
    2. Specify a value in field Default Value
    3. Repeat steps for each fields what you want to have predefined
  6. Choose the Search icon, enter Publications and then choose the related link.
  7. Select New
  8. If there is more templates you are asked to select one of them. When there is only one it is selected on the background.
  9. The publication contains predefined values base on selected template.

Upload Document Worksheet

Because sometimes it necessary to upload more files to Pimics and distribute them to different groups or items. We create a new page where this task can be performed.

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Upload Document Worksheet and then choose the related link.
  2. Drag&Drop documents into section Upload new files. All files are created in Pimics and files are copied into the repository.
  3. Uploaded files is visible in the list
  4. Select one or more lines and select action Assign to item Groups from action group Assign
  5. In the list select one or more lines
  6. Selected documents or pictures are assigned to selected groups
  7. You can repeat steps 2 - 5 for different document types and different items or groups.

Changes in User Interface

Item Group, Product Group, Chapters and Catalog Groups List nad Pages

Our priority is to make less steps or clicks in Pimics. So it is possible to edit a list without opening a card. It is helpful when you need to change a description or other fields on more entities. And also it is possible to use Edit in Excel in Business Central 16.0 or newer.

There is also a couple of hidden fields and parts. You need to personalize the page to see it. At least, a couple of them:

  • part Features, it shows a feature on the current entity
  • part Translations, you can see all translations on the list. It minimalize clicks when you need to translate your data
  • fields Description (2nd language), it is a field which shows another language from translations in the list or card. It helps in scenarios when a user wants to translate data into another one language. The settings for this is in Pimics Users.

Under knees updates


Because a couple of you use Pimics as a Service base on a monthly subscription we need to be able to control, who can use our module. In this version we introduce our Licensing. It can happen that you will see a message "The Pimics license will expire in X days". Don't worry just select Generate New License and everything happens on the background. Pimics just needs to have access to our web service to get a new license.


Pimics Activities and Application Insights

The systems now track all opened pages and also a couple of functions. You can see it on the new page Pimics Activities. From Business Central 16.3 is possible to get more statistics about extensions to the publisher of the extension, in previous versions it was possible only to the partner who sold the license. Anyway, all these changes helps mainly to us, to better understand how the system is used and where is potencial risk of performance issues or bugs. We follow all Microsoft best practicies for these entites so we synchronize only anonymous or statistics, without anything what can be understand as company or user data.



Cleaning up and Obsolete

We're also working on cleaning up. For all the years there have been added a couple of things which have been obsolete later on. We will continue on this and after certain time these obsolute fields will be removed.

Fixed Bugs

No. Topic Results
3336 "Today you've updated X ..." drill down page In RoleCenter when you select one of the headers you will see a list of modifications with a possibility to open a page card
4233 Blank pages when opened for the first time Now the correct page is opened from the menu
4372 Using RapidStart to import data broke relations it is possible to use RapidStart packages to import data into items, groups and other entities
4381 Duplicate lines in Edit Allocation Tree Edit Allocation Tree/Categories has been fixed, Drag&Drop works as expected and data is not duplicated
4441 Upload bigger file then 4 MB to SharePoint We've changed the called API and now it is possible to upload bigger files
Title: What is new in Pimics 3.0, Author: Pimics Team