What is new in Pimics 4.0

This version is for Microsoft Business Central 18.0 (marketing name is 2021 wave 1)

Documents, pictures and product videos can be hosted by external services and data can be accessed by public URL links. In such cases, links can be attached to products or categories and you threat them as other digital assets in Pimics. Also, you can store links to your products on websites for internal use or also for cases when you provide this information to your customers.

We've prepared a new links worksheet for this purpose. You can read more about the links.

Sana Commerce

We've been working on the integration with the e-commerce solution Sana Commerce. The integration contains two parts in Pimics and add-on in Sana Commerce. Both are released as Beta versions for testing and demo purposes.

You can read more about the integration with Sana.


Typically data is prepare for a channel where it should be presented. So we need to reflect this in master data management. Before this feature, all the settings is done in publication. Now we are able to control it earlier in the process of preparation of data.

Besically, there is two main parts, users needs to be able to say what channel and when data can be used in the channel. And the specific requirements of the channel has to be involved as soon as possible.

After this users can define set of channels where product (or category, document, feature, etc.) will be presented and also run specific checklists for each channel.


There is several tasks, like bulk edits, initial import during the implementation or later, etc. We'd like to support these specific tasks and that is the reason why we introduce worksheets. Every worksheet is focused on one use-case and improve their effectivitely. We will provide next worksheets also in future versions.

Structure Worksheet

Typically at the beginning of the implementation, we talk about the structure and categories for items. Or even when there are more new items, and they have to have their own categories. For both of these tasks, we need to have a tool where we can draft the structure of categories easily like in Excel. With possibilities like save it, share it, and confirm it. The Structure Worksheet is designed for these tasks. For more information, see Group Structure Worksheet.

Upload Document Worksheet

When you have a new bundle of documents, pictures you need to easily upload to the system. The Upload Document Worksheet helps you with it, and you don't need to do it per item or category.

Feature Worksheet

Feature Worksheet is a list that shows all existing relations between features and items, products, or groups. Using filters, you are able to get set of existing lines and quickly change feature values. You can also create new relations or delete those relations which are not relevant anymore. You can read more about the feature worksheet.

Minor improvements

Name Description
API We've publish new version of API, the easiest way to get it is download the YAML file or open the documentation.
Publication types There is new publications types to cover more API scenarios. Including different language or translations.
SharePoint synchronization We provide an object for job queues to synchronizate fiels from SharePoint to Pimics
Multiple No. Series We've extended our categories lists with the field No. Series allowing to set the desired numbering for your entities. It's easy to use. On creating a new group on the list, first, select No. Series to get correct Code.
Publication Single Item It is possible to set publications that it will contains data for each item just once
Publication and non-certified data When data are not certified, there are 3 possibilites now. The new one is Skip, it means keep the version of data in publication.

Technical changes

Name Description
Master Data Change Log We've changed the Master Data Change Log to new structure. This table hold the history of user actions in Pimics.
Title: What is new in Pimics 4.0, Author: Pimics Team