How to work with Pimics AI Extension

Improve your product information management with artificial intelligence.
Pimics AI Extension is an independent part of other Business Central functionality. Together with Pimics (base extension) you can easily and quickly work with pictures and features. This can help you speed up the whole process of assigning pictures to your existing structure or filling in values for features. Pimics AI Extension offers functionality as:

  • Picture recognition, which includes creating keywords for uploaded pictures,
  • Picture assignment for assigning pictures to the existing structure, items or groups, based on already assigned pictures,
  • Features for values suggestion.

What should be done first

Before you start uploading your pictures or work with features, you need to setup mandatory or optional parameters.

This use case helps you with settings mandatory parameters, which are necessarry for correct working Pimics AI Extension or optional parameters, by which you can specify details.

  1. Go to the AI Document Setup page (Pimics AI/AI Document Setup).
  2. Fill in the mandatory parameters as:
    • Subscription Key and Endpoint for access to Azure API
    • Keyword Numbers to define which number series should be used for keywords created by AI
  3. Set optional parameters as:
    • Item Group Filter to define if the filtering should be done only within the same Item Group
    • Minimum Probability to define minimum probability for suggesting feature values
Title: How to work with Pimics AI Extension, Author: Pimics Team