How to work with Items, Products, Groups and categorize them

Types of Groups

In Pimics there is a couple of types of categories. From the lowest (nearest to items) to higher (more generic).

  • Item Group or sometimes called Product
  • Product Group
  • Chapter
  • Catalog Group

And of course Items or Variants. For these we use entities from the standard of Business Central which is extended by PIM fields and data.

New Item or Group

Below is described how to create items or categories. The important part of the process is also how to assign them to each other and make a hierarchy tree.

Create new Item

Create new Item Group

Create new Product Group, Chapter or Catalog Group

The process how to create the rest of data is similiar to Item Groups. Please use the same steps for it.

Extend an item or category by rich product data

All items and categories can be extended by additional data. This data can be defined on items or groups. It is good to think what should be created and where, as Inheritance can be used.

Catalog data is structured in the tree hierarchy. Data can be inherited from higher categories to lower levels (e.g. Product Group to Item Group, Chapter to Product group etc.). Classes, Features, Feature Values, Keywords, Descriptions, Pictures, Documents, Media, and Graphic can be inherited as well. For example, Feature can be added to the Product group, from which it will inherit the Item Group and from Item Group the Item. The process is always very similar. Pimics can check the inadequacy of inherited data. This use case describes how to inherit from the Item group to Item.


Features are set of name, value(s) and also unit, sometimes it is called also attributes or technichal specification. Pimics has an action Features on lots of pages. For more details about this topic see page Features. On this page is desribe the common scenarious how to work with features.


Keywords are short phrases or a word which should help to your customers find the correct product.

To create a Keyword on Item

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Item (Product Information/Items), and then choose the related link.
  2. Open the Item Card to which you want to add the Keyword.
  3. Find the Keywords FactBox.
  4. Click to the Keyword FactBox and type in the Keyword and press Enter:
    • If the Keyword was found in Keyword list, you can choose the existing Keyword
    • If the Keyword was not found, then the system creates a new one
  5. Optional when you want to select different keywords per channel
    1. Click on PIM Ribbon Tab and then choose Keywords.
    2. Select a line and specify Usage Type when and where you want to use the Keyword.
  6. Close the page.


Classes is usually used together with Classification. It is other groups which hold features and keywords for items or groups. For more details see page Class



Digital Asset

Usually we have actions like Documents, Pictures, Media and Graphics on pages.

Title: How to work with Items, Products, Groups and categorize them, Author: Pimics Team