SharePoint as Digital Asset Management for Pimics

It is possible to use SharePoint as Digital Asset Management.

How to set an integration from Pimics to SharePoint

When you set it up this way, when you upload a picture or document to Pimics, the document will be created in a SharePoint's library and preview is genreted in Pimics.

This scenario support one library per each document type (Pictures, Documents, Graphics, Media). All libraries have to be on the same site.

Create an application in Azure Active Directory

  1. Create a new application
  2. Select permissions for the application
    • Permissions should be the same as on the picture Permissions
  3. Generate new secret for the application
    1. Open, search for Azure Active Directory, open the related link, select App registration and your application from point 1.
    2. In the app details, go to Certificates & secrets
    3. In the Client secrets group select action New client secret
    4. In the new page, select Never in Expires
    5. Select OK to create the secret
    6. On the certificates pages you see the client secret in Value copy it and store it somewhere, ti will be not possible to recovery it from the Azure Active Directory

Create a new site with libraries in SharePoint

Set the connection in Pimics

  1. Search for Document Setup
  2. Select SharePoint in Repository Type
  3. In group SharePoint specify:
    1. PageUrl, if you use Business Central SaaS it is tenant Id
    2. ClientId the identification of client from Azure Active Directory
    3. ClientSecret the client secret from Azure Active Directory
    4. Use lookup in DefaultSite to select a site from SharePoint
    5. Use lookup in RefDocument to select a library from the site
    6. Repeat line above to specify RefPictures, RefMedia, and RefGraphics if it is necessary.
  4. Select OK to close the page and finish the setup

How to setup integration from SharePoint to Pimics

This scenario is used mainly when you want to manage pictures or documents in different libraries in SharePoint.

For this integration you will need to have a Microsoft flows. This documentation doesn't describe these steps in details, just in generic way to understand the concept.

Title: SharePoint as Digital Asset Management for Pimics, Author: Pimics Team