Setup after installation



The extension contains two permissions set.

  • PIMICS contains full permissions to the extension. Users with this permission can manage product data in Pimics extension.
  • PIMICSMIN contains minimal permissions to the extension. Users with this permission are not able to manage or see data in Pimics. It includes only indirect permissions to keep consistency in data.

Each user must have at least one of these permissions, otherwise they will get permissions errors also in the standard Business Central functions and pages.

Anyway, you can extend or modify these permissions to have correct rights for your users.


The extension contains a role PIMICS. This role shows you an overview of the product data, and it is your entry point to use Pimics. We recommend using it by users who work with product data.

You can change your role to PIMICS in the Setting, or you can manage it using a page User Profiles. See more

Title: Setup after installation, Author: Pimics Team