How to install Pimics

Pimics is extension for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central or Dynamics Nav. There is a couple of scenarious how Pimics can be installed. But lets say there is two most important criteria which has to be answered.

  • Business Central or Nav run in on-premise, hosted on Azure, or Software as a Service hosted by Microsoft?
  • What is the version of the Business Central or Nav?

Business Central runs as SaaS

This is the easiest way. Go to AppSource and find a Pimics. Or you can start from Business Central and search for Pimics, you should see also extensions from AppSource. Anyway, you just need to follow the wizard on AppSource and you will get Pimics installed.

Business Central on-premise or hosted as Virtual Machine in Azure

For these types you need to ask us on The instalation contains couple of steps.

  1. Ask us on we will sent you extensions for your version of Business Central
  2. Extend the customer license by our module ranges. For this we need to know who manage the customer license and together we will add modulese to the customer license. Usually we use PINs for it.
  3. Install the extensions by yourself. There are powershell scripts for it or you can ask us to install it. This step have to be run localy on the server with Business Central.

Dynamics Nav

We're still able to provide Pimics for companies using Nav. For this steps are quite similiar to Business Central on-premise. The instalation is describe in separate [document].

Title: How to install Pimics, Author: Pimics Team