How to start with implementation of Pimics

This article helps you with a basic configuration and guide you use.


  • Run Assisted Setup

    • It helps you to set your languages, channels, users, and other base configuration of Pimics
  • Assign User Permission and Roles

    • Depending on user activity, assign permissions to the user and use Pimics role
  • Document and Usage Configuration

    • The default configuration for documents, file extensions, and usages comes with Pimics installation
    • Check this configuration if you have custom requirements regarding document types/usages, or custom file extensions


Do you use a standard classification like ETIM or eCl@ass?

Define structure

When you group items and products into categories and manage relations between, you're able to create a structure.

Import data from Vendors

Do you receive and collect data from vendors and suppliers? You can import and handle them using our extension Vendor Catalog.

Upload pictures

Do you have pictures on SharePoint?

Extend Data

Define publications

Title: How to start with implementation of Pimics, Author: Pimics Team