System status

System status

The field System Status on the Pimics - General FastTab helps to indicate the completeness of data and its connection to the quality management and checklists. Furthermore, based on the field System Status, the user is able to filter data for the publication.

System Status and the quality check:

The user is able to define own checklists, which are the set of conditions the entities have to fulfil in order to pass the data quality check. Once the entities have assigned checklists, the field System Status shows the current state of data.

System Status flow and available options

  • New – the entity was created, no checklist assigned
  • Under Development - the checklist has been assigned to the entity and the entity has not been checked via the function Certify, or the entity did not pass the rules defined in the checklist. In that case, see Certification Log on the checked entity.
  • Certified – the entity has passed the quality check defined in the certified checklist
  • Archive – the entity in the structure will not be used anymore and has been archived

For more information about checklists and its use, see Checklist.

System Status and Publication:

The user is able to define if the publication should include only entities which pass the quality check and have System Status = Certified, or the publication can include all data.

This control is able to activate/deactivate on the publication group via the checkbox Insert Only Certified. For more information about the publication and the publication groups, see UC905 New Publication Group and next chapter Publications

Title: System status, Author: Pimics Team