Vendor Catalog

Item Activation is a process where you can move an item from Vendor Catalog to standard Business Central Items or Non-stock items.

State of Data

The field Integration Status shows the state of the data. Possible values are the following:

  • New: Item is new in a vendor's offer. It will be created in ERP.
  • Update: Item has been updated and you have it in ERP. Item will be updated.
  • Exists: Item is new in a vendor's offer, but the same item exists in your ERP. Item will be updated.
  • Doesn't exist: Item is marked as updated in a vendor's file, but you do not have it in your ERP. The item will be created in ERP.
  • Delete: Item has been deleted from a vendor's offer. It will be set as blocked in your ERP.

If an item exists in your ERP, you can see the linked item in field Item No.

Activate an Item

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Vendor Items, and then choose the related link.
  2. This step has to be done just once per partner. If there is no this setting the step 7 will show an error.
    1. Select action Import from Navigate
    2. On the Import Card select Partner from Navigate
    3. In the partner card specify field Vendor No. this is mapping to your ERP vendors. This settings is use for mapping between incoming items and items in Vendor Catalog
    4. Close partner card and go back to Vendor Items
    5. Select one or mode lines which should be activated later on
    6. Select Update Item No from Actions to find the correct item in the ERP items.
  3. In the list select one or more lines which will be activated.
  4. In the Process Tab select Activate Item(s).
  5. In the dialog box, click on OK.
  6. In the dialog page:
    • In the Item No. Generation Method field,you can select how the new item No. will be generated. This is available only if it is a new field. See field Integration Status.
    • If you select only 1 item you can see or change the new item No. in field Item No.
    • Below you have a list of booleans (fields starting by Include), you can select what should be transferred to the master data.
  7. Click on OK to proceed with item activation.
  8. The item has been activated and you can see it in the standard item list. Or you can open it in the Process Tab and select Item. The Integration Status has been set to Activated.

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